Fast and Efficient Health Screenings

Keeping your business safe has never been easier! Varify enables your organization or school to simplify the process of completing daily screenings. We make the process of screening for COVID effortless and simple for the employee or student. Staff workload is reduced by up to 90% validating student responses, saving your organization time and money.

About Varify

The COVID Screening App

Varify is a mobile and web application designed for organizational COVID screening. We create customized screenings based on your organization’s needs. Users can download the app on any device and complete the registration and screening process in just a few minutes. Teachers or Managers can validate the results of the screening in seconds. Screenings are an essential part of the fight against COVID. Let Varify help you save a lot of time and money while providing peace of mind.

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High Security

We ensure your data is safe! The app does not collect or store any sensitive information about your staff or students. Screenings and their results are encrypted and stored in extremely secure cloud storage.


Fast Performance

Your app will be hosted on servers in your region so communication with Varify servers is always fast, even without WiFi. The app is simple and performs exceptionally well, even on old slow devices.


Easy Integration

Our streamlined process can have a custom version of our health screening app ready to serve your business or school in under 48 hours. Simply provide us your screening and a list of staff/students then distribute the registration directions we provide.


As Easy as Rollcall

Administrators and managers can view the screening results of all those assigned to them at a glance. The colored indicators provide all they need to know so they can focus on work instead of validating health screenings.


It's Your Choice

From fully customizable COVID screenings based on your region’s needs, to the ability to include your colors, branding and mascot in a white labeled app. Varify is the right health screening app for your needs.


Visitors Pass

Ensure temporary visitors are easily screened without the need to pre-register. Visitors can be instructed to use the app to complete the screening while administrators are provided instant visual conformation. *Coming Soon

What Does Screening Currently Cost Schools?

The average school in the United States has 33.4 Teachers, many are MUCH larger. The average homeroom instructor takes 15 minutes to accurately review all of their students’ COVID screenings each morning. 15 Minutes isn’t much, but it adds up!

How Much Does 15 Minutes Cost?

Per Day Cost Estimate
  • 7.5 Hours of Instructor time
  • $299.34 + Materials
Annual Cost Estimate
  • 1,350 Hours of Instructor time
  • $53,881.20 + Materials
Our Pricing Plans

Your Investment

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Custom Pricing

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Make Health Screenings Simple

Varify, we handle COVID Screenings so you can focus on educating!

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